Wheel Talk

Ever wonder what size the OEM wheels are on your vehicle? Well, there is a simple way to discover the size of your stock rim if you can’t remember what original wheel came with your car, and is here to help! One of those simple ways is to find your vehicle’s wheel online and through comparison determine your used rim size. The issue some may come upon when discovering your wheels size this way is that some stock rims look the same or very similar to others, however they are not the same. Some measurement of the factory original wheel, whether it is the diameter, width or another, may be different.

To figure out your actual stock wheel diameter, you can simply look on the tire. For example, you see 225/50R16 on your tire, the diameter of the wheel is referenced by R16 which is a 16” diameter wheel. Some tires may also reference the diameter of the factory original wheel in millimeters. Another option to determine the diameter of your used rim is to take a tape measure and measure the length between the lip of the wheel directly across the wheel. The width however is not referenced on the tire itself and therefore a different area of the used rim must be looked at.

To find out the width of your stock wheel, you must look at the back side of the rim itself. Imprinted on a spoke of the OEM wheel is a number, such as 16x7. The “16” refers to the diameter, another way to discover this element, and the “7” refers to the rim’s width. Some factory original wheels however, more often steel, display this number on the front side or face of the rim. Another way, however less accurate, is to take the reference number on your tire 225/50R16. Instead of using the end, take 225. This number is the width of the tire in millimeters. To convert it to inches, divide by 25.4. This new number, in our case, 8.6 is a rough estimate of your wheel’s diameter. The actual wheel diameter is likely to be seven inches in this case. If you have any issues, the staff at will be more than happy to help. Our knowledgeable staff on new and used stock original wheels will aid in your search to discover the size of your OEM wheel.