Wheel Talk

A reconditioned wheel is actually a previously used rim that had no major prior damage and has been, in essence, refinished to look brand new.

Factory original used wheels are the initial product. These OEM used rims are then carefully inspected for damage. If curb rash or face gouges are too deep it may not be deemed repairable. Additionally, the used wheels are checked to ensure they run straight and true. Significantly bent factory wheels are not able to undergo the reconditioning process and will instead be scrapped. Curb rash, light scrapes, and even other damage including minor bends or wobbles may be repairable.

Once these used rims pass the rigorous inspection, they are put through a process to return the used factory wheel back into its “fresh off the manufacturer’s line” look as much as possible. The process of reconditioning does not weaken or damage the wheel.

During the reconditioning process, the wheel will be straightened, repaired, and metal may be added if need be. Machined wheels will be re-machined to ensure the original factory look and feel. Painted rims will get painted as close to if not the exact factory color as the original. Polished wheels will get re-polished and Chrome wheels will get stripped new chrome will be applied to the wheel.

The final product is a beautiful used factory original reconditioned wheel that looks just as good as new. We stand behind our reconditioned wheels and if for any reason you did not get what you ordered, contact us right away before the wheel is mounted or used and we will do what we can to ensure your satisfaction.