Wheel Talk

OEM is a term used quite often, but many may not be sure of what it means. The acronym stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. This term is used to refer to the original equipment that came with the product, or more specifically, the manufacturer of the stock product. In regards to your vehicle’s wheels, the manufacturers produce certain stock rims for each vehicle. OEM is often used interchangeably with stock wheel, factory original wheel, and sometimes take-off wheel. Year by year and model by model, cars each have their own set of stock equipment. The OEM part is referenced for the production of replacement equipment for the original model as the name on the factory stock equipment does not always specify the original manufacturer.

For example, a 2013 Ford F150 has quite a few OEM wheels ranging from 17 inch silver steel styled rims to 18 inch machined aluminum or bright aluminum and even 18 inch chrome clad wheels. The options are all original equipment for the F150 and serve to give the car its difference in look and can also vary the price. The original manufacturer produces the different designs requested by Ford and these options are the original wheels you see on the vehicles. Of course there are also aftermarket wheels, but that is a topic for another time.

The original equipment is often the easiest to find replacements for but not always the cheapest. Some stock original options came on OEM vehicles for many years, however some factory original equipment may have only been produced on the car for a year or two. The longer a car was equipped with the factory stock parts, the easier it is to find those pieces. At, we specialize in the original equipment manufacturer wheels. With our knowledge in the factory original equipment for the year and model of your car, we will be more than happy to find you your correct replacement.

Here are some ways you can tell if you have original wheels.