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Pros and Cons of Steel Rims


Are Steel Wheels Better or Worse for My Car?

Steel rims can be a less expensive option for a vehicle and are a better choice in a snowy or salt air climate. However, steel rims are also heavy which can affect the car’s overall performance. Here is a more in-depth look at the pros and cons of steel stock wheels and rims.

Black Steel Rim

Steel is Heavier

OE steel rims are heavier than alloy wheels. The extra weight can cause your car to burn through more fuel. However, their weight can also help your vehicle have better traction, which is ideal in snowy conditions.

Steel wheels are the more economical choice

Steel rims are less expensive than alloy rims, especially if we are talking about factory original wheels. Also, even though they are susceptible to rust in a damp or salt air climate, they can be reconditioned very nicely in most cases! Aluminum rims are more likely to become damaged beyond repair if not kept up!

Steel Wheel Designs can be Plain

Steel OEM Jeep Rim with Cap

Original steel rims will often have very simple plain designs, especially when the finish is black. The image above is representative of a “styled steel wheel” which is usually painted silver and would come with a center cap as opposed to a full-size hubcap and thus leaving exposed the stylization. The black cap in the middle is not part of the wheel. Some may not like this look on their vehicle and may opt for a more shiny alloy wheel, and perhaps even a chrome wheel. However, factory OE steel rims may also be fitted with hubcaps or wheel covers that give it the appearance of aluminum. If you are deciding between steel and alloy for your wheel, check out our comparison of the two.

Production is Fairly Simple

Since steel OE rims look plain and are less complicated to produce, they cost less than other wheels. This can make them a great replacement wheel when you need a quick swap of your original rim if it is damaged. Many will keep an OEM steel rim in their garage as a spare in the event of an accident (So many cars do not come with a spare wheel and tire these days).

They are a less expensive option

Many customers do not need or want an expensive reconditioned rim on an older car model. stocks thousands of used rims, new take-offs, and reconditioned wheels in a wide range of conditions! We use a grading scale that defines used wheels from new to well-used. Even if you receive a stock wheel that may not be the prettiest cosmetically, that wheel will always be a straight and serviceable OEM wheel.

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