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What are the advantages and disadvantages of alloy factory original wheels?

Aluminum alloy OEM wheels have become the standard for many cars today. Alloy wheels have more performance advantages and are considered better looking than steel rims. So why don’t all cars have stock alloy wheels? Even the best looking wheel has its disadvantages. Here is a brief look at some pros and cons of OE alloy wheels.

The Advantages

Chevy alloy wheel

It's common knowledge that the car’s weight can affect a car engine's efficiency, gas consumption, and more. For instance, the heavier the car, the more fuel is used. Aluminum rims weigh less than steel rims and the lighter weight helps in reducing fuel usage and engine strain. Also, the lightness of the wheel allows for the car to roll more easily, and this means quicker acceleration and ease in sharper turning.

Aside from the performance advantages, individuals prefer aluminum alloy rims and wheels because they are more attractive on a car. Steel rims normally will have a more plain design. Aluminum is not as dense, making it more malleable, this allows for more elaborate wheel designs which is why you see the intricate patterns on factory original aluminum alloy rims. Aluminum rims, especially in recent years can also come with many different finishes ranging from the traditional silver and chrome to now, black chrome, hyper silvers, charcoals, and even all-black as factory OEM.


OE Chevy Alloy Rims with different finishes

The Disadvantages

Alloy wheels are not as strong as other wheels and can be easily damaged. They can bend, crack, and scratch much more quickly than say a steel rim. Some alloys are prone to corrosion, especially in wet salty environments. So they would not be a good beach or winter wheel. For example, during the winter in snowy climates, roads will be salted to keep them from icing over. Machined lips are a great place for road salt to collect and cause the top coating on the wheel to peel. Steel, and especially alloy rims need regular maintenance especially in salt air conditions such as beaches.

Alloy wheels can be expensive. Not only is aluminum alloy a pricey material because it's a combination of different metals such as nickel and aluminum, but the production process is also costly.

The Consensus

So while there are definite advantages for aluminum alloy, there are still disadvantages attached. The decision on whether to buy an alloy wheel comes down to preference and environment. At, you can find used rims, new take-offs, and reconditioned wheels in both steel and alloy.

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