Wheel Talk

Chrome wheels can add to your car’s overall aesthetics. However, it's important to maintain your chrome rims by washing them at least once a week. You may be asking, now why do I have to clean my rims once a week? All chrome wheels, including OEM or custom, are susceptible to corrosion caused by water. So proper maintenance is a must in areas with high humidity or salt content in the air.


How do you clean your chrome wheels? Simply follow these suggested steps and tips below and your chrome will keep nice and bright.


Move your car into a shaded area.

Keeping your vehicle in the shade will reduce the likelihood of water spots appearing on the rim.


Use water and just a little bit of soap.

Spray the wheels with water to remove any built-up dirt on the wheel. Use only approved chrome in order to avoid damage to the finish.


Using a sponge or any nonabrasive cleaning tool, gently wipe down your rim.

Using a nonabrasive cloth won’t scratch your chrome wheel. But don’t rub the wheel too hard or you may damage the chrome.


Double check the wheel.

Take another look at the wheel and make sure there isn’t any remaining dirt or even water. Be sure to look even within the hidden crevices of the rim.


Air Dy

Allowing the wheel to air dry to avoid streaking.



Once the wheel is dry, the next thing to do is polish the rim. Waxing will brighten up even an older used chrome wheel.


Keep your chrome wheels in their best condition by following these steps. You can do this for your OEM chrome wheels as well as custom chrome wheel. Keep your chrome clean and shiny!